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HR CARE offer free, confidential and non-judgemental support to students of AIKTC and AIARKP, who are experiencing personal and/or academic and emotional concerns. Our goal is to address the psychological needs and personal concerns of students that may interfere with their academic progress, social development, and emotional wellbeing. Our team of qualified counsellors and staff, are committed to promoting and protecting personal, emotional and academic wellbeing and success of all the students.
Our services are also extended to faculties, staffs and parents of AIKTC and AIARKP. We seek to provide a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment for all persons that seek our services. The HR CARE recognises and values the dignity and diversity of all students using our services and strive to meet the unique needs of each student.  


To be highly visible, trustworthy and continually strive to enhance the mental health and the overall well-being of all, including our incredible students, the faculty who teach and mentor them, and the staff who play a vital role in the success of this remarkable institute. 


The HR CARE supports the educational mission of the AIKTC and AIARKP and its values of fostering exuberant learning, intellectual inquiry, community engagement, appreciation for diversity, and the integration of mind, body and spirit. HR CARE also encourages the values of self-discovery, the attainment of optimal mental health and wellness, the alleviation of internal and environmental barriers that challenge students’ academic success and hamper their emotional, cultural and spiritual growth and is committed to creating an environment that recognizes the inherent value and dignity of each person.

The HR CARE seeks to fulfil its mission by

Assisting students to acquire the skills and strategies required for becoming responsible decision-makers, effective problem solvers and productive members of a multicultural society
Maintaining a standard of excellence by providing culturally competent counselling, psychotherapy, crisis intervention, workshops, seminars and other relevant services
Helping students to master the developmental tasks appropriate to their educational and maturity level.
Educating students, faculties and other concerned about emerging issues relevant to college student mental health and emotional wellbeing through workshops, training and psychoeducational programs.
Providing support and resources to students, to their families and to educators.
Serving as consultants to the AIKTC and AIARKP with regard to interpreting information about students in the service of fostering a hospitable campus environment conducive to the growth and development of all students. 


Individualized Attention: The HR CARE strives to provide a “small family” environment by offering services that are fully accessible to students in an atmosphere that is welcoming and approachable. Mindful of a holistic perspective, we are committed to providing individualized attention to students characterized by respect, compassion, and a genuine desire to be helpful.
Diversity: The HR CARE seeks to provide a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment for all students. We also seek to foster a diverse campus community of safety, inclusiveness, and respect. We therefore commit ourselves to an ongoing learning process, celebration of our differences, and a willingness to challenge ourselves and others in the pursuit of social justice.
Striving for Excellence: The HR CARE endeavours to provide high quality services by adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards, engage in ongoing professional development, strive to remain current with research and new developments related to the practice of psychology, and pursue innovation in technology.
Collaboration: The HR CARE values collaboration within the AIKTC, AIARKP and its management, the Schools, departments, faculties, staffs, other professionals and parents. We seek out partnerships and opportunities for teamwork in support of enhanced service to students and relevant others.
Intentionality: The HR CARE maintains an awareness of ever changing situational and environmental circumstances that affect students. In order to provide appropriate services, we respond to changing student needs by being proactive, timely, and flexible.
Creativity: The HR CARE values creativity as a gateway to innovation at both the individual and organizational levels. We support and encourage creative innovation to foster excellence, to enhance inclusiveness, and to provide dynamic services that are relevant to student needs.
Healthy Organizational Climate: Staff of the HR CARE commit themselves to sustaining a healthy organizational climate characterized by honest, direct and respectful communication and appropriate conflict resolution. We manifest compassion, mutual trust, and humour in our interactions. We actively try to create a sense of community that is supportive and respectful of individuals finding balance in their personal and professional lives. 


Confidentiality and trust are very important to the counselling process. Therefore, except as required by ethical professional practice guidelines, the information disclosed during counselling and the identity of counselee will not be shared with anyone outside the HR CARE without the counselee’s express consent. This confidentiality extends to situations in which a counselee is referred to the HR CARE by a faculty, administrator, parent or friend.


H R CARE completed the need assessment survey for AIKTC and AIARKP students


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